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[BeequipTradeReboot] Bee Swarm Simulator : macro v3 free and premium

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JOIN SERVER FOR KEY : https://discord.gg/mv3 Features :star: = Exclusive Feature :warning: = Not Safe Our features can be listed below: General: Redeem Codes Check Windy/Favor Emergency Stop Anonymous Mode :star: Advanced Statistics Boss Timers Farming: Autofarm Auto Sprinkler Auto Dig Ignore Honey Tokens Farm Bubbles Farm Fuzzy Bombs Farm Under Clouds Farm Under Balloons Farm Shower Farm Coconuts Farm Sprouts Farm Glitched Tokens :star: Smart Bubble Float :star: Smart Precise Crosshair :star: Face Fire Face Bubbles Face Objects Follow Player Combat: Advanced Auto Kill Bosses System Advanced Auto Kill Monsters System Auto Kill Vicious Bee Auto Quests: Advanced Auto Quests System Advanced Quests Settings Configuration Accept All Quests Puffshrooms: Advanced Puffshroom Farm System :star: Adjustable Puffshroom Farming Settings :star: Items: Auto Use Any Item Hive: Select Bee Cells Advanced Auto Jelly System Auto Feed Auto Gifted Basic Bee Auto Mutations Script Settings: Convert Honey At % Convert Hive Balloon Farm in Field When Full for 1-15s Convert Honey (boolean) Farm Fireflies Default Mask/Tool Blacklist Fields Local Player Settings Auto Dispensers Auto Field Boosters Rares/TP Auto Field Dice :star: TP To Rares :warning: :star: Safety: Flag Avoiding Walking/Slow Tween Functionality Harmful Features Removed Webhooks: Advanced Webhook Statistics Config: Custom Configuration System Customizable UI

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